It is no longer necessary to demonstrate how much the online gambling industry weighs tens of billions of dollars today. In the years to come, it will even be the predominant form of gambling. The precious alliance between Blockchain and the Gaming industry looks more than promising. The players have not finished being surprised!

Already online casinos do not stop scoring points against land-based casinos. But, with the introduction of bitcoin in certain brands, the competition will deepen between the two rivals.

Many platforms today have cryptocurrencies to further secure the payment or withdrawal of its customers, but now games based on Blockchain have also developed since last year.

The first at the top of the list is the one represented by the famous “CryptoKitties” kittens who are none other than virtual creatures traded at several tens of thousands of dollars.

It is precisely at the end of November 2017 that these CryptoKitties were put into circulation for the first time on the web, based on the second world cryptocurrency, Etherum.

The principle of the game is very simple: as its name suggests, the exchange Victory6666 currency corresponds to virtual kittens, which are bred to be traded or sold and reproduced between them to obtain new generations of kittens. These new kittens obtained are distinguished by an aspect and a kind of “genetic heritage” specific to each.

In a short time, the Internet users threw themselves on these small creatures, to the point that tens of thousands of dollars were exchanged around the world and that the Etherum network was found to be slowed down.

Of course, this collective craze was almost expected, given that it was one of the first Blockchain games designed on the exchange of intangible goods. And today, nearly 100,000 virtual cats are in circulation, representing a market of more than 20 million dollars.

The idea of ​​relying on kittens arouses the curiosity of Internet users since it is quite unusual to come across this kind of character-based entirely on Blockchains. What is certain is that this system is very solid for exchanging these “goods”: users with kittens are grouped in a file that is impossible to decrypt or even take hold of. Transfers are carried out securely on the world territory, itself secured by the power of cryptocurrencies.

From CryptoKitties, we can deduce quite easily that Blockchains will be introduced very quickly into gambling and expect that a new generation of games will see the light of day in the coming months. Is this not already the case? Well, yeah! The CryptoPuppies, CryptoPets even CryptoPunks seem already being launched to track the movement of his previous companions virtual.

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